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What is Linux – What is Linux in Hindi?
When any computer machine is started , the first function of the operating system is in the form of software . After the operating system itself is loaded into the computer memory , it manages and gives further instructions on the basis of the information and data available in the computer.

Linux OS is a variant of Unix operating system. Just as Windows and Mac are operating systems. Similarly Linux is also an operating system. It is a free and open source software. Which means a user can modify the Lynx coding for free on the Internet and use it for commercial and personal use. It consists of software that is based on the Linux Kernel.

The Linux operating system was originally developed for personal computers . But later this operating system has used this operating system in many platforms mobiles, smart TVs, gaming consoles even vehicles.

Linux is a similar operating system like the Unix operating system. Along with this, it is used the most in server and computer system ( mainframe computer ) devices.

According to statistics, the Linux operating system is the only OS used in the top 500 supercomputers. Linux is used in more than 2% of the total desktop computer systems. Even Chromebook whose name you must have heard. It also works on Linux operating system.

History of Linux

The operating system was started in the year 1991, at that time a student named Linux Torvalds prepared the free operating system Kernel in his personal project. And the Linux Kernel has evolved continuously since then.

The interesting thing is that at that time he had prepared this program for his computer. And he wanted to buy Unix 386 Intel computer. But Linux was unable to buy that computer due to its financial condition. In this way, a small program by him introduced the Linux kernel to the world.

The difference between Windows and Linux operating system ?

  • C, D, E drive in Windows which contains many folders but on the other hand there is no drive in Linux.
  • In Windows system we cannot store two files with the same name in a folder, but in Linux operating system 2 files can be saved in one folder.
  • There are total three accounts in Windows operating system including Guest, Standard, Administrator while on the other hand Regular, Root and Service account are the account types of Linux system.
  • Open source software works in Linux systems, while closed source software works in Windows.
  • Windows operating system is for single-user whereas Linux system is multi-user.
  • Linux operating systems are considered to be more secure OS than Windows because they have lower chances of virus attack.
  • However, most of the users use the Windows operating system due to the simple usage and more features of the Windows system.

Features of Linux Operating System

  • The most important thing to know is that Linux operating system is free from viruses as compared to almost all Windows. Virus attacks like spyware , trojan, adware, etc. do not usually occur in Linux OS. Because of which it is considered the most secure operating system.
  • Linux is free and much cheaper than the Windows operating system. Variants and Versions of Linux Can Run for Months, Years Without ‘Rebooting’
  • Most of the games in Linux OS are free or open source. Programs like Open Office, Star Office are free in Linux OS.
  • Since most Linux programs and variants are open source, the user can do coding as needed.
  • Linux OS is used in homes, schools and various companies. Because Linux has always been considered the most secure operating system.
  • No license is required to purchase Linux OS. And like Windows, all applications can be used easily in Linux.
  • Linux is very powerful, that is, the chances of it crashing are low and the system does not go down completely even in the event of a crash. It also keeps the user safe from malware.