How to hide apps on your iPhone- best guide 2023

today we will learn how to hide apps on your iPhone ,people have their iPhone screens full of apps. Some apps are pre-installed and some are pre-installed. Most people don’t use all the pre-installed apps. Personally, I don’t use all the pre-installed apps. These preinstalled apps cannot be removed and it feels like the apps are taking up both screen space and internal storage. Today I will show you how to hide apps on iPhone. A cleaner, wider screen means you can keep your apps and access them quickly. Hide apps on … Read more

How to recover iPhone data without backup-Best guide of 2023

How to recover iPhone data without backup ? Yes, losing iPhone data without backup has been a familiar problem for iPhone druggies. Not numerous people back up their iPhone regularly. When an accident happened, they find out that there are NO backups available from which they can restore their iPhone. So then the problem is, … Read more