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Release date of iOS 16

Both the iOS 16 developer beta and iOS 16 public beta are available now, with more updates planned for the summer. We have a guide on how to download the iOS 16 beta (you can also read why we recently made a full-time version). Go to iOS 16 Beta. )

On July 6th, Apple released his iOS 16 Developer Beta 3. This is his third version of the software which adds several new features, including some that were missing in the early betas. Less than a week later, the first public beta of iOS 16 has arrived.

Later, other updates such as iOS 16 Beta 4 and iOS 16 Beta 5 arrived, bringing additional features and optimizations. More recently, iOS 16 Beta 6 followed a week after Beta 5, followed by iOS 16 Beta 7 this week, accelerating the pace of updates. The current focus is on stabilizing OS updates and fixing bugs before the final release of iOS 16.

This version of iOS 16 may be released in the fall with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro. We don’t know when the iPhone 14 will arrive, but Apple is likely aiming for his September launch. iOS 16 will be released at the same time as the iPhone 14 release date. Currently, Apple is being advised to hold an iPhone launch event on September 7th and launch the new phone on September 16th.

Which devices supports iOS 16 ?

Apple’s two most recent software updates worked on the same device, dating back to the iPhone 6s, which first launched in the fall of 2015. However, given the number of iOS 15 features that require more modern hardware, Apple dropped support on some older phones.

In fact, Apple says his iOS 16 will be compatible with his iPhone 8 and newer. Previous rumors said the iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, and the original 2016 iPhone SE would lose iOS support with this release. However, you can remove the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus from the list of iOS 16 compatible devices.

Owners of these phones won’t really be at a disadvantage when iOS 16 marks the cutoff point for Apple support. The original iPhone SE came out six years before him, and the iPhone 6s model will be seven years old this fall. Even the iPhone 7 is approaching its 6th birthday. Given the advances in computing power during this time, it’s reasonable to assume that some features of iOS 16 will extend beyond what these devices can support.

New lock screen in iOS 16

Apple spent a lot of time highlighting the iOS 16 lock screen during the WWDC preview. In short, a major overhaul of the old and tired lock screen. There are a number of changes, some very similar to what Google has done with Android.

You can edit the fonts and colors of the clock, adjust the image placement, try different styles such as filters, change one or more elements, and create multiple lock screens. increase. Entire themes can also be applied, such as astronomy or weather. We’ve taken a closer look at all the iOS 16 lock screen elements you can customize.

In addition to the customizable lock screen, iOS 16 notifications pop up from the bottom of the screen instead of covering the center of the wallpaper. You can hide them all day to keep your lock screen clear. And for real-time, constantly-updating notifications, for sports apps, for example, iOS 16 introduces Live Activities to make keeping track of things much easier.

The ability to have a live screen with widgets looks ready for an always-on display. This is a popular feature on Android phones, but one that Apple devices lack. Apple hasn’t officially said so, but that could change with the iPhone 14. However, code for the iOS 16 developer beta points to an always-on display pairing with the iPhone 14 Pro model. Because these devices are expected to downscale the refresh rate to his 1Hz.

New iMessage iOS16

iMessages also see some big improvements. Many people appreciate being able to edit a message to undo something that was long overdue. Marking a thread as unread in case you want to return to it later. You can also SharePlay, first introduced in iOS 15, is also added to messages.

Starting with version 2 of the iOS 16 developer beta, a junk reporting feature was released that allows users to report her SMS/MMS spam to their carriers.

A new update to Dictation lets you seamlessly switch between speech and text. The keyboard stays open while you speak, allowing you to select text with your fingers and replace it with your dictation. Punctuation marks and emojis are also automatically terminated when dictating.

The only bad thing about this feature is that it only works properly on other iOS 16 or iPadOS 16 devices.

New wallet app -iOS16

Apple Pay Later is a new feature in the Apple Wallet app on iOS 16. The Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) service allows a user to split his Apple Pay purchase into four payments over a period of six weeks. All through the Apple Wallet app. Payments are interest and fee free if the user makes the payment on time and is accepted anywhere in the United States where Apple Pay is accepted. PayPal recently launched its own BNPL service, Pay in 4. This ensures that consumers are not short of options when they need more time to make bigger purchases.

Tracking provides detailed receipt and order tracking information all within Apple Wallet.

Finally, wallet keys and identities have some new features. You can now use your identity in Wallet, verify your identity and age in apps, and share your home, hotel, office, and car keys in Wallet across Apple’s messaging apps. And of course all this information is kept safe

New iPhotos -iOS16

iOS already has a lot of great features for families, but Family Sharing has been upgraded to iOS 16. The great thing is that setting up your child’s device is much quicker and easier thanks to the Quick Start option that applies to transfer existing settings to the new phone.Kids are known for their patience. This is welcome, given the lack of But what might be even more useful is the ability to approve (or decline) requests for more screen time directly from Messages, rather than diving into settings.

Additionally, Apple introduced the new iCloud Shared Photo Library. It’s a separate library from your other iCloud items, where you can share your photos with friends and family, similar to Google Photos. You can add up to 5 people.

Share just what you need, group all your photos, or share by person or date. When you share, you can add photos manually, or use the new Share shortcut in the Camera app to automatically add photos as you take them. You can flip this switch to automatically activate when you select this path.

Photos suggests photos to share in the For You tab. Everyone in a shared library has the same permissions.

iCloud Shared Photo Library is the biggest change to Photos, but it’s not the only one. iOS 16 Photos adds new photo editing features and duplicate photo management tools.

imaps app iOS16

Apple’s Navigation app has expanded again to cover 11 countries. It also adds six new cities to the 3D city map mesh, including Chicago, Sydney, and the stunning Las Vegas.

Even better, you can now add up to 15 stops to your Apple Maps route, making it easier to navigate between multiple points. Ask Siri to add it on the go, or prepare directions ahead of time on your Mac and send them to your iPhone when ready.

If you use public transit, use Apple Maps to see how much your trip will cost or add your transit card to the Apple Wallet app to see if you have enough credit to get you to your destination. You can now

Take a look at iOS 16 Maps and its new features to wrap up all these changes.