Phone freezing and hanging problems how to fix them?

Smartphones are suitable for doing so much that we use them for the most of our day-to-day tasks. But just like humans, there is a limit to what we can do before the breakdown. When a phone hangs, it is the bone that has most probably been used past its limit. Your device’s RAM, storage space, and how you use it all impacts the smooth processing of tasks.
Also, appertained to as phone freezing or phone crash, the phone hanging problem is a common one among smartphones. The issue can be caused by a variety of reasons ranging from software, to tackling of faults. In this post, we will discuss ‘Why your phone keeps freezing, and how you can apply a to fix it.

A phone with a low ram capacity is only suitable to run several apps at the same time. Using several apps on a low ram phone generally causes the phone to hang so frequently, especially when you’ve been using it for a long time.

Smartphones have limited storehouse capacity and there’s just so much you can have on your device before it gets filled up. Data like Vids, Games, and Prints take up a lot of space on our phones and sufficient storehouse space is needed for your smartphone to reuse tasks continued. Using up to over 80 of your device’s storehouse will most likely result in your mobile phone hanging or indurating.

Mobile apps that are downloaded from parlous spots or sources that aren’t secure generally contain a contagion (malware) that’s dangerous to your phone. These contagions intrude with your phone’s background processes and ultimately cause your phone to hang up.

nonstop use of your phone, while it’s hotting up, causes your phone to hang and occasionally renew. A smartphone’s heat should typically be between 35-38 Celcius, anything advanced is abnormal and will lead to cell phone hang problems.

Outdated software performances can also beget your phone to hang. System software is regularly streamlined to fix bugs that may hamper your phone from operating optimally.
Colorful factors can beget your phone to hang and the utmost of them are software-related. The tips given below can be used to break your phone hanging problems whether it’s caused by shy memory or malware apps.


Clear recent data
every app on your phone caches fractions of data while you using them and over the moment it clogs your phone’s ram which causes your phone to dangle. To free these recent data; come to SETTINGS>> APPS>> name A frequently applied APP>>> Storehouse>>> CLEAR DATA. bear this operation to different apps that you apply frequently to free up your phone’s memory and reduce hanging.
Uninstall suspect apps
Operations that aren’t downloaded from your phone’s dereliction app store generally contain contagions that affect your device’s performance. Uninstall these apps and check from downloading software from unreliable roots to duck malware that affects the reading of your phone.

Use Antivirus
Contagions can be veritably patient and occasionally bear Antivirus software to get relieved of them. Go to your phone’s App Store, type antivirus in the hunt bar, and download your preferred antivirus app. Launch the app and overlook your lines to get relieved of any contagion that may beget your phone to hang.
Avoid heavy games/ vids and use them for long ages
Playing games of large sizes takes up a huge space on your phone’s ram while it’s running and doing this for long ages stretches your phone’s capabilities which results in hanging. Avoid these games on phones with small rams and if you have to, don’t play for a long period.

Download & install the rearmost software
Your phone’s software and other apps release streamlined performances regularly and these updates generally contain bug fixes that may break any abnormality you’re passing with your phone or particular apps. It’s recommended that you download and install system updates for your phone to fix any phone hanging or indurating problems associated with the former software interpretation.

Cancel Inapplicable lines
keeping inapplicable lines and apps takes up storehouse space on your phone and your phone requirements sufficient storehouse to run easily. Cancel heavy vids or games on your phone to free up space and allow your phone to run seamlessly.

Get external memory
Still, you’ll most probably have to be deleting lines regularly to keep your phone from hanging, If your phone’s storehouse isn’t large enough to contain the lines you need. To keep all your important lines and still have your device running easily, get an SD card that can contain all the lines you need.

Reset plant settings
Still, it’s advised that you reset your phone’s software If all the below tips don’t work. Also known as Plant reset, this fix will give your phone’s software a fresh launch but ensure you back up your data so you don’t lose any important information.

-good luck:)