How to factory reset MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

. Following steps to be followed for factory reset We start with Mac OS Monterey(Mac OS 12), Published in 2021, System minions now has an “ Abolish All Content and a setting ” option parallel to the bones plant on the iPhone and iPad. It just shows up if your Mac incorporates a T2 safeguard … Read more

How to print a pdf file through smart phone, computer and tablets

All current computers, smartphones, and tablets can now fluently publish web runners and other documents to PDF lines without any redundant software. Microsoft added this to Windows 10, and Apple added it to iOS 9. PDF is a standard, movable document format that works across all bias. It’s ideal for archiving and sharing web runners … Read more

How to Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC/ Hardwares?

Install Windows 11 on Unsupported PC – Windows 11 has arrived, although it’s the developer edition, but multiple breathing Windows druggies claim to try this new Windows edition. Unfortunately for some of them, this rearmost Windows supports a numerous specific processors and has strict attack conditions. Therefore, if your computer does n’t fulfill these attack … Read more

Phone freezing and hanging problems how to fix them?

Smartphones are suitable for doing so much that we use them for the most of our day-to-day tasks. But just like humans, there is a limit to what we can do before the breakdown. When a phone hangs, it is the bone that has most probably been used past its limit. Your device’s RAM, storage … Read more