How to print a pdf file through smart phone, computer and tablets

All current computers, smartphones, and tablets can now fluently publish web runners and other documents to PDF lines without any redundant software. Microsoft added this to Windows 10, and Apple added it to iOS 9.

PDF is a standard, movable document format that works across all bias. It’s ideal for archiving and sharing web runners and other documents. It’s just more compatible than other types of documents, like Microsoft’s XPS document format.


Windows 10 ultimately adds a set up-in PDF printer to Windows. In any operation — from Windows desktop apps to those new Windows Store apps — just choose the “ Publish” option in the menu. You ’ll see “ Microsoft Publish to PDF” appear in the list of installed printers. Elect that printer and click the “ Publish” button. You ’ll also be asked to give a name and position for your new PDF file.


How to Publish to PDF in Windows 4 Tips and Tricks 

 On former performances of Windows, this can be a bit further of a headache. It’s not integrated into the operating system, so you may have to install a third- party PDF printer operation. Unfortunately, numerous of these are packed with installer crapware. 

 Some operations do have integrated PDF-printing support, still. For illustration, in Chrome you can elect the “ Publish” option and elect “ Save to PDF” to publish to PDF. LibreOffice can also export documents to PDF. Check the operation you ’re using to see if it can do this without any fresh software.

         MAC OS X

       This is integrated into Mac OS X, too. But, if you ’re familiar with the way it works on Windows and other operating systems, you might miss it. 

 To get out to PDF, choose the “ Publish” option in any operation. Ignore the list of printers at the top of the print dialog that appears. Rather, click the “ PDF” menu at the bottom of the dialog and elect “ Save as PDF”. Mac OS X will allow you to save the document to a PDF range first of publishing it to an factual printer, and will prompt you for a column name and position.


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 With iOS 9, Apple made this point into every iPhone and iPad. To publish a web runner or other document to a PDF line, first open it in an operation. Tap the “ Share” button — it looks like a square with an up arrow coming out of it. Scroll through the list of icons in the top row and tap the “ Save PDF to ibook” option. 

 You can now open ibook to pierce that PDF line. From  ibooks, you can telegraph the PDF column or partake it to nearly differently. These PDF lines can also be synced with iTunes so you can get them on your computer in the doubtful event that you regularly sync your iPhone or iPad with iTunes. They ’ll be in your iTunes Book Library after they sync.


This is part of Android too. It’s integrated as part of Android’s set up-in support for printers — both physical printers and PDF printers. 

In an Android app that supports printing — Chrome, for illustration — open the menu and tap the “ Publish” option. Tap the “ Save to” menu and elect “ Save as PDF” to save a PDF line to your Android phone or tablet’s original storehouse, or valve “ Save to Google Drive” to save a PDF line directly to your Google Drive account. 

 Still, you can always use Android’s Share menu, If you ’re using an app that does n’t have erected-in printing support. Install an app that can convert documents to PDF and you can also tap Share anywhere in Android and elect that app to make a PDF.


Chrome can always publish lines directly to PDF, and it works just the same on a Chromebook. Just click the menu button in Chrome and choose Publish. You ’ll see a exercise of the current web express.

Click the “ Change” button under “ Destination” and elect “ Publish to PDF” under “ Original

Destinations”. Elect any options you want to change then and also click “ Save” to save the File to PDF. You ’ll be asked for a column name and position. 

Other operating systems may offer this, too. It should be included by negligence on ultimate desktop Linux systems, but different desktops will have different interfaces. Look in the “ print” dialog and see if you can find an option for printing to PDF.