How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes


How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes , UPI ID Kaise Banaye in 10 minutes You must have read today’s topic. Today we are going to talk about this topic and will also tell you the benefits of UPI ID. Under this post you How to generate BHIM UPI ID, how to create upi id on phone And How to Create Amazon UPI ID I am going to give information about it, so you must read the post completely.

Talking about the present time, almost every smartphone user makes payment through UPI. UPI payment is easier than making cash payment or paying in any other way. This is the reason that today this method of payment is increasing very fast in the whole world including India. The government is also giving more importance to UPI. When there is so much convenience, why don’t we know that How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes , UPI ID Kaise Banaye in 10 minutes

10 minit me upi id kaise banaye

How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes

If you talk about UPI, then through this you can do mobile recharge, rail ticket, flight ticket, all kinds of bills and loans etc. You will remember that there was a time when the government had stopped the old 500 and 1000 notes, then the transaction became very difficult. Since then the government has started emphasizing on UPI.

With UPI, you can make fast and secure payments in any account and you can also take money from anyone. This is such a simple and cheap money transfer tool which is given absolutely free and anyone can use it easily.

If you create UPI ID in your mobile then you can buy anything from anywhere even if you don’t have a single penny in your pocket and you don’t need to go to any bank to withdraw money, just your account Link to this ID and you can take and give money, then let’s know How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes , UPI ID Kaise Banaye in 10 minutes

What is UPI ID and what is needed to create an ID

First of all, let us tell you that the full form of UPI is Unified Payment Interface Identity (Unified Payment Interface Identity). Let us tell you that it is also known by another name, whose name is Virtual Payment Address (Virtual Payment Address).

Think of the UPI ID in such a way that it is a kind of your address, which is your identity on UPI. For example, if you run Facebook, you are asked for an email id or phone number to login, then email and phone are your ID, in the same way UPI ID is also your identity.

What do you need to have a UPI ID?

When you start any thing, you definitely need some material, in the same way you will also need something for UPI ID, whose list is given below.

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  • The most important thing is that you should have an account with any one bank.
  • Your mobile number should be registered in this bank account.
  • Keep a recharge of at least 1 rupee in this mobile number. Monthly plan will not work. Because when you create UPI ID, you have to do a confirmation message from the bank for which I balance should be in the phone.
  • You must have a good Android or iOS mobile.
  • Mobile must have internet or data plan.
  • You also need to have an ATM card of the bank.

If you do not know how to register mobile number in bank account then click on the link , How to register mobile number in online and offline bank account

If you do not have an ATM or Debit card, then you can create a UPI PIN without a debit card, the link of which is given. , How to Create UPI or UPI PIN without Debit Card?

How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes

To create a UPI ID, first of all, you need your mobile data and go to Google Play Store and download any one UPI app. Below I am going to tell the process of all UP I, so on whichever app you want to create an ID, create it. You can create UPI ID on all apps.

One thing must be remembered that you have to put the same SIM in the mobile which is linked with the bank. After this, you select your bank, then your mobile number will be verified by the bank through SMS.

Now one of your IDs is ready which is your name or [email protected] Kind of looks like. If you don’t like it, you can change it later.

This way you can create your UPI ID on any one app. The process of creating the ID of all the apps is the same, there is a slight difference which I am going to tell you in detail below.

How to Create Bhim UPI ID

BHIM is an app developed by the government. If you install it on your mobile for the first time then you are also given cash back and offers. So let’s know about its process.

bhim upi id kaise banaye

1. First of all go to Play Store and search BHIM UPI and then after downloading install it in mobile.

2. Now open this app and select the language of your choice.

3. If you have two SIM in your mobile then select the SIM which is linked with the bank account.

4. After selecting the SIM, you create a PIN, on which the app opens. You can also add finger prints to it.

5. Now you will get the option to select the bank, then select your bank from the given bank list.

6. After selecting the bank, your mobile number will be verified by the bank through OTP.

7. As soon as your mobile number is verified by the bank, then your account starts showing in the app. In this, the last 4 digits of your account number are shown.

8. Now click on your account number and you will get the option to add debit card. To add a debit card, you have to enter the number written above it and enter the expiry date and CVV number, which will add your debit tax.

9. After adding the debit card, you 6 digit UPI PIN have to set. You should always remember this PIN because without it you cannot make payment. When you send a payment to someone, it has to be entered every time.

10. So take your BHIM UPI ID, which you can see and change by going to the profile.

how to create upi id on phone

This is the most used app in India, from which you can do many things apart from transferring money. So let’s learn how to make it too.

phone pe upi id kaise banaye

1. As before, download and install the PhonePe app from the Google Play Store.

2. Now enter your mobile number which is linked with the bank and click on Proceed.

3. Now an OTP will come from the bank to verify the mobile number, verify it by entering it through SMS.

4. Here your only phone pay account has been created, but now you have created a UPI ID, for which you have to Profile to click on.

5. In the profile, you will get the option to select the bank account, then choose the bank that is yours by clicking on Add Bank Account.

6. After selecting the bank account, now select the number which is registered with the bank.

7. Now your mobile number will be verified and after verification, UPI ID will be generated on your phone which you can change.

8. In the next step, you have to fill the details of your ATM or Debit card, then fill whatever is asked.

9. After filling the details click on proceed further. After this an OTP will come on your phone, which will be called as pulse. UPI PIN Draw which will be of 6 digits.

10. Take your phone pe id has also been created. Make sure to keep the 6 digit PIN in mind so that there is no obstruction in the transaction.

How to Create UPI ID on Amazon and Google Pay

I have shown you two IDs made. The process of Google Pay and Amazon is also the same as above. First of all you have to download and install the app.

1. Now enter your mobile number in both the apps which is registered with the bank.

2. Now the bank will verify your registered mobile number which will be done through an SMS.

3. Now go to the profile of both the apps and search and select Apapanak.

4. After selecting the bank account, you have to select the SIM which is linked in the bank.

5. The SIM you have selected will be verified by the bank and your account will be created on Amazon and Google Pay.

6. In both the apps, fill your debit card details as have been filled above.

7. After filling the Debit Card details, create a 6 digit UPI PIN.

8. After doing this, your Amazon and Google Pay UPI account will be ready. Now you can transact with anyone or pay other bills including electricity bill. You can also do online shopping with UPI.

What are the benefits of creating a UPI ID and where it is used

If you use internet banking or mobile banking then UPI will be very easy for you because it is better and simpler and cheaper in many cases than both. If you create a UPI ID, then its benefits are given below.

Benefits of creating a UPI ID

1. If you generate UPI ID then you can use any UPI based payment app From any time transaction can do.

2. With UPI ID, you can send or receive money to anyone.

3. In this, if you send or take money to anyone, then no extra charge has to be paid in any way.

4. Through UPI ID, you can do transactions up to 1 lakh in a day.

5. If you have to send money to someone, then you only know his UPI ID or mobile number, the money will be gone.

6. You can also send money to anyone by entering the account number using IFSC code.

Where is UPI ID used?

If you must be using any UPI app, then you will know about its use. If you do not have much information about this, then below we are going to tell you, then read carefully.

Using UPI, money can be sent to any person very easily and money can also be received from it. You can also make merchant payments in different stores using UPI ID. Any type of bill payment can be done using UPI like postpaid, electricity, credit card, etc.

You can also recharge your mobile, DTH, data card, broadband, fastag, metro card, etc. using UPI. With UPI, you can book movie tickets, flight tickets, railway tickets, bus tickets, event tickets, etc.

If you are shopping online and payment facility is provided through UPI on that shopping website, then you can make online payment using UPI. With UPI you can trade, mutual fund, stock, gold, bond or other securities can invest in.

You can also buy any type of insurance through UPI and pay its installments. Using UPI, you can subscribe to any app or add money for playing games in any gaming app.


How to Create UPI ID in Just 10 Minutes you would have understood as well How to generate BHIM UPI ID, how to create upi id on phone And How to Create Amazon UPI ID Would have known too. If the information is correct, then definitely share it and comment and tell if there is anything in the post.