How to partition ssd in windows 11- Best guide

If you wants to keep your disk files separate from your Os ? Don’t worry you just clicked on a correct post , today we will learn about the partition SSD in Windows . its have the built-in Disk Management tool . When its come to partition the SSD in Windows 11, the Os provides you the  two best options using which you can easily divide your SSD storage and make partitions.

How the partition SSD helps us  to run your computer more smoothly :

  • Reduce data loss risk: You can reduce the risk of loosing your data and files by keeping the OS and important data separate, when the Windows OS crushed and needs to be reinstalled.
  • Run multiple OS on the same device : Dual Booting allow us to use multiple OS in a same device . A separated partition is more important when you wish to run linux and microsoft Windows 11  or other OS on the same computer system because each operating system need its own system partition.
  • Improve Security: Setting up the right  sensitive partitions help us to  increase security. 

Ways  to Partition SSD In Windows 11

The main two methods to divide your SSD into partitions.

  • With Diskpart Command
  • With Disk Management

Method first: With DiskPart Command

Step 1: Press Windows , and search “diskpart“ click it.

Step 2: Create a New simple volume on your personal computer SSD. 

  •           Write “list disk” in the cmd prompt.
  •           Select the disk by typing “select disk **”
  •           Write “list volume” to know info about all the volumes.
  •          Select any volume by writing “select volume ” 
  •          Shrink its size by typing “shrink=*****”
Partition SSD

Step 3: Type Exit on cmd prompt when the disk partition operation is completed.

Method Second : With Disk Management Utility

Step 1: Press Windows + S on your Windows 11 desktop. Search “Create and format hard disk” and open it.

Step 2: If the OS takes up the whole partition then first thing you need to open Disk Management. Shrink Volume might help you  to create free space. Shrink Volume can be chosen by right-clicking on  the system partition. 

Step 3: Enter the value of space you want to shrink in “MB” format and click on “Shrink” to complete the process .

Step 4: When you success to complete the previous step you will notice a piece of unallocated space located on the right of the system partition. To proceed further, Right-click on the unallocated space. Now, Click on the “New Simple Volume”.

Step 5: Enter the name, size, and file system for the new volume. Click Next and Finish.

       ~~~you have success to creating the partition SSD on windows 11~~~

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